Intent of scholarships:

The intent of the scholarship is to provide to a new comer or a first time attendee, the opportunity to experience the fellowship and spiritual growth of Alcoholics Anonymous that is exhibited by a workshop.

To provide the new comer or first timers who has financial hardships, the opportunity to experience the workshop.

How to get a scholarship:

The procedure to obtain a scholarship is for the person requesting the scholarship to discuss the need with his sponsor and that the sponsor along with the requesting sponsee, would contact a member of the MW2 committee. An actual hardship must be clearly evident for the sponsee to obtain the scholarship. The MW2 committee would make the final determination for granting the scholarship.

We (the MW2 committee) would encourage that all requests for scholarships to the workshop come directly from the men who attend the workshop or sponsors who know a hardship exists, since they are the ones who fund scholarships.

How many scholarships can a person have?

The MW2 committee put into place several years ago, the general rule that scholarships would be limited to 1 per person (sponsor), however, there my be unforeseen hardships incurred by someone, and if this happens, the committee will consider such requests on any individual basis.

Service work and other guidelines:

The MW2 committee would highly encourage those receiving scholarships to help in the serving of food, clean up of the cafeteria, picking up litter from and around the grounds and cabins, helping in the coffee making, empting smoking containers, and any other acts of service for the workshop. The recipient would also refrain from any card (poker) playing that may involve gambling while receiving this scholarship.


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